Anarchism is the idea that people are better off making decisions for themselves, and communities making decisions for their communities, rather than having any centralized power or governing body do it for them.  It’s opposed to capitalism and any other systemized oppression that attempts to exploit or control.

In that vein we are putting together this book fair, on occupied Lenape land, to reach out to the broader community in an effort to grow and challenge our preexisting ideas, find a common ground with others, and move forward toward a world based on freedom and mutual aid.  For the moment we may be stuck in an existence based on monetary exchange, but we are looking to use this gathering as an avenue to move beyond such snares.

We will be asking for everyone in attendance to abide by our safer space policy.  We can be contacted at phillyanarchistbookfair [at] gmail [dot] com

We also have a face hook, if you’re into that.


The Rotunda is an alcohol-free, smoke-free venue that is wheelchair accessible.

Then Rotunda can be reached by public transit such as the Market Frankford subway Line.

We intend on having child care available during the book fair for those who want it.

All funds raised from the book fair, if any, will be divided between the three anarchist spaces in Philadelphia: A Space, LAVA, and the Wooden Shoe.