Trigger Warning, Content Warning

In response to posters being put out, accusations were leveled at the Philadelphia anarchist scene as well as a former book fair organizer. —– was accused of being a stalker and a rapist via social media. Such accusations are not something we take lightly. For that reason —– was confronted and has since left the organizing group. In conflicts revolving around gendered violence we want to prioritize supporting survivors. The perpetrators, on the other hand, are not owed a minimum level of dignity, respect, or protection, barring a survivor’s potential desire for an accountability process. Either way, we will respect and prioritize the survivor’s wishes.

The anarchist scene in Philiadelphia is nothing more than a microcosm of the larger society – that is to say it incurs a lot of the same problems. Because the anarchist scene exists within and is part of rape culture we want to continuously scrutinize and be critical of our scene, while avoiding the narratives of liberal justice. In doing so we encourage feedback and want to create space for dialogue.

This is all part of a larger response to the accusations against —–. In regards to this we have a safer space policy in place that bars —–, and any other oppressive presences or behaviors, including any alleged perpetrators that have not satisfactorily proved themselves accountable to the survivors, from all book fair events.

The Book Fair Team


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